Worldparts® Brake Pads: an affordable, safe and quiet braking solution

Worldparts® Brake Pads include all the required accessories for easy and professional installation. Our range includes ceramic or metallic pads to adapt to your vehicle’s specific braking needs.

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Worldparts BRAKE PADS


    Quality Fit Guarantee – Perfect Fit Every Time

    Process to assure a Perfect Fit Every Time you install a Quality Fit product.


    ¨N3¨ Noise-Free Technology
    Positive mold formulations, smooth backing plate finish and double sided rubberized shims Incorporates top three features for noise-free braking


    Stopping Distance
    Designed to deliver excellent stopping distance performance


    Ready to Install
    Install ready, featuring all the accessories needed for easy, safe and professional installation


    Easier Break-In
    Scorched brake process for excellent stopping performance on first braking after service


    Precision Made
    Designed to the original formulation types (ceramic or metallic) to match your vehicle's braking requirements

    Benefits and features of our exciting new Worldparts® Friction products are:

    • Post-cured positive mold technology
      • Pressure compressed process to create consistent material
        density to provide stable and consistent performance
    • Abutment clips and hardware included where applicable
    • Application-specific formulations to match OE material type
      • Expanded ceramic coverage to meet market demands
      • Includes heavy-duty formulations for fleet applications and
        medium-duty trucks
    • Scorched brake friction process to reduce break-in time
    • Multi-layered rubberized shims to reduce vibration and noise
    • Molly (PFTE) lubricant supplied with every set
    • Slotted and chamfered as per OE specifications
    • Stamped pad ears for a smooth installation and reduced vibration
    • Electronic wear sensors included where applicable
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Electronic cataloging available on Epicor/Activant and Wrenchead
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