For consumers who want to enhance the look of their vehicle and extend the life of its braking system


Worldparts® Coated Brake Rotors are corrosion- and solvent-resistant. Field tests have demonstrated their resistance to damage caused by rain, salt and snow.

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    Quality Fit Guarantee – Perfect Fit Every Time

    Process to assure a Perfect Fit Every Time you install a Quality Fit product.


    Application-Specific Metallurgy
    Premium GG20 and GG25 metallurgy materials (when required) Provides higher conductivity to resist fade and radial cracking


    OE Design and Weight
    Designed to original equipment specifications to match the needs of your vehicle


    OE Vane Configuration Design & Quantity
    For improved brake performance and life with optimal cooling and decreased fading


    Non-Directional Finishing
    For reduced vibration and exceptionally smooth and quiet braking performance


    Ready to Install
    No machining or degreasing, thereby saving installation time

    Worldparts® Coated Rotors offer:

    • First to market domestic and import coverage for vehicles
      10 years and younger
    • Full external Grey Fusion 4.0™ coating meets or exceeds
      salt-spray test regulation ASTM-B117
    • Vehicle-specific designs
    • Years of fleet proven testing
    • Full graphic packaging with identifiable icons supports the
      quality of the WorldParts® Coated Rotor in three languages.

    GREY FUSION 4.0™ Functional Benefits

    • Bimetallic Corrosion Resistance – Overlapping zinc and aluminum compound flakes are used to fully coat the rotor; this increases shielding abilities and eliminates the bimetallic cell of most zinc coatings
    • Solvent Resistant – Increases resistance to oils, and other automotive fluids such as coolant, bearing grease and brake fluid
    • Extended Resistance – Damaged application areas fill in with matrix carbonates to extend corrosion resistance; this preventive matrix slows corrosion reactions
    • Improved Cooling – Protective coating keeps rotor edges and vanes clear of rust for optimal airflow and cooling
    • Tested and Proven – Years of field testing prove these rotors stand up to the ruin of rain, salt and snow

    GREY FUSION 4.0™ Environmental Benefits



    • Free from nickel, cadmium, lead, barium and mercury


    • Water clean up
    • Low odor
    • Worker / ECO friendly
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