Engineered for optimal braking performance


Designed with precision

  • Vehicle-specific designs based on coefficient of friction and vehicle mass
  • Positive Mold fully post-cured manufactured process for consistent material density and performance
  • Slotted & shimmed as per original equipment specs


Quiet Braking

4-layer shims and hardware that provides quiet braking

Premium 4-Layered Shim Design

  1. Acrylic adhesive
  2. NBR Rubber with anti-block coating
  3. Cold Rolled Steel

Quiet Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Stainless Steel - SS301 Grade
  • Coated abutment hardware


Low Dust

Copper-free formulation engineered to minimize brake dust for cleaner wheels

  • Designed to maintain its integrity for minimal dust production



Active Friction Technology offers wear resistance and durability

  • Original Equipment, vehicle-specific design
  • LINK dynamometer-tested
  • Designed to reduce excess ceramic material transfer

Worldparts Synergy ™ Brake Pads are engineered to mate with rotor surface ensuring effective and rapid break-in

Active Friction Technology

  • Engineered to reduce excess ceramic material transfer that can cause pedal pulsation
  • Alumina strip features high friction properties to facilitate rapid break-in
  • Designed to provide superior mating performance with Coated Rotors


Main Benefits and Features:

  • Multi-layered rubberized shims to reduce noise
  • Slotted and chamfered as per Original Equipment specifications
  • Molly (PFTE) lubricant supplied with every set
  • Electronic wear sensors and hardware included where applicable
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Complete electronic catalogue with the latest ACES & PIES data including full product images & drawings

Fully Tested

Worldparts Synergy ® Brake Pads are fully tested to ensure optimal quality

SAE LINK Dynamometer Test

SAE J2522 – LINK 3900 Brake Effectiveness Test

  • Brake Coefficient
  • Fade Recovery & Pressure
  • Brake Pad Wear

SAE J2521 – LINK 3000 Noise Tests

SAE US City Traffic Noise & Wear Test

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